As its name suggests, Luxembourg e-Archiving (so-called “Learch”) is a service specialising in long-term preservation and recovery of digital assets, which provides a cloud-based platform that offers online and on-demand services.

Learch is a service offering from Victor Buck Services, a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg dedicated to Electronic Content Management and Record Management services to all types of organizations in the european market.

Learch enables you to benefit from its preservation platform and to pay only for what you use thanks to the “pay-per-volume” pricing model. When storing your electronic assets within Learch secured infrastructure you inherit from the state-of-the-art technology providing services from secure storage up to legal archiving:

  • Multi-site Private Cloud Infrastructure located in Luxembourg
  • Legal Archiving with certified restitution (depending on the local laws)
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified (both Learch and its facility provider eBRC)
  • Archiving Solution compliant with ISO 14721 (Reference Model for Electronic Record Management System)
  • Solution operated following the latest norms in Archiving like ISO 15489 / NF Z 42-013 / MoReq 2
  • Solution in-line with NF Z 42-013 (SAE) / NF Z 42-020 (CFN)

Learch Services


Learch Services

Learch proposes vertical solutions fully integrated into its preservation platform to answer your business needs:

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